Takayama to Kamikochi

It is a popular resort in Nagano prefecture.
You can enjoy the view of beautiful mountains, ponds, and nature hiking the area.
It takes about a few hours to walk around and is particularly popular during Summer and Autumn. Private cars are banned to preserve the environment, so you need to use a bus to get there. There are a campsite and some hotels.
It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the nature of Japan!

From Takayama to Kamikochi
Take Takayama Nohi bus to Hirayu Onsen ,and then change the bus to Kamikochi.
(Bus schedule: Nohi bus)
Travel Time:1.5hours
Price:2,730yen(one way)

Takayama to Norikura

Mt.Norikura(or Norikuradake) is the third tallest volcano in Japan (3,025.64m).
It is on the borders of Gifu and Nagano prefectures and relatively easy to climb.
To get there, you need to use a bus(Private cars are not allowed to drive up the mountain). The Norikura Bus terminal, that is at 2,700m above sea level, is the highest bus station in Japan. From July 14th to Sep 17th, you can take the early morning bus(departs at 3:20am from July 14th to 22nd, at 3:30am from July 23rd to Aug 31st, 3:45 from Sep 1st to 17th) at Hirayu Onsen and get to Norikura to see the sunrise from the mountain. In autumn from mid Sep to Nov, you can enjoy beautiful autumn color.

From Takayama to Norikura
Take Takayama Nohi bus to Hirayu Onsen and then change the bus to the Norikura Bus terminal.
(Bus schedule: Nohi bus)
Travel Time:2 hours
Price:2,990yen(one way)

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