What to see in Takayama? 3 things you don’t want to miss!

Among a lot of things to see in Takayama, these 3 things are major events/places you don't want to miss.
If you do not know what to see, we recommend that you consider checking these 3 things!

  1. Takayama Festival

    It is an annual festival held in April and October.
    The festival started sometime in the 16th to 17th century to pray for a good harvest (Spring festival)
    and to give thanks (Autumn festival).
    Festivals on April 14th and 15th are called Sanno Matsuri, centered on the Hie Shrine.
    Autumn festival on October 9th and 10th are called Hachiman Festival, centered on the Sakurayama Hachiman Shrine

    Takayama festival is considered as one of the most beautiful and the largest festivals in Japan
    (others are Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri and the Chichibu Yomatsuri in Saitama).
    During the festival, gorgeously decorated festival floats (12 in Spring and 11 in Autumn) go around town.
    The course of the parade varies according to the season.
    Hundreds of people join the parade dressed in traditional costumes while traditional music is played.   

    ・Display of Floats
    Festival floats are lined up on the street (Near Hie Shirine on April 14th, near Nakabashi bridge on April 15th,
    and in front of Hachiman Shrine on Oct 9th and 10th until 16:00)
    April 14th and 15th 9:30 to 16:00
    October 9th and 10th 9:00 to 16:00

    ・Karakuri Performance
    Several festival floats are decorated with Karakuri, marionettes that can dance on floats.
    Performance time of Karakuri dolls are as following
    April 14th   11:00 and 14:30
    April 15th   10:00 and 14:00

    October 9th  12:00 and 14:00
    October 10th 11:00 and 13:00

    ・Evening Festival
    At night time of both festivals, about 100 lanterns are attached to the floats and parade until 21:00.

    April 14th  18:30 to 21:00
    October 9th 18:00 to 21:00

    *Note that it will get really crowded during the festival and it gets hard to find a place to stay.
    We recommend that you find accommodation before visiting.
    Time and availability of events varies according to the weather.

  2. Old town area (Sanmachi-dori)
    Takayama used to be the tenryo (the shogunal demesne) during Edo period(1600-1868) ,

    thus the city thrived as a wealthy town of merchants.

    At the center of Takayama, Historic Distorict/Old town(also called as Sanmachi-dori) area is preserved
    and it is a popular spots for tourist. There are a lot of souvenir stores and places to eat as well!
    *Note that most of the stores close around 6:00pm.
    If you are visiting the area, we recommend that you get there during daytime!

    About 10 min walk from JR Takayama Station
    Access: Sanmachi-Dori
  3. Temple and Shrines

    If you go to a little east of the Old town area, your will get to a walking course called Higashiyama walking course.
    It is about 3.5-kilometer-long waling course in quiet area full of nature.
    By taking this course, you will get to see more than a dozen of temples and shrines.
    The route goes through Shiroyama Park, the former site of Takayama castle.

    About 12 min walk from JR Takayama Station
    Access: Higashiyama Walking Course


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